Michał Nazarewicz








Programming languages

Over the years I’ve used multitude of programming languages. I’m proficient in C, C++, Rust, Python, TypeScript and shell scripting. I’m also competent in Perl, Java, Go and Lisp.


I have comprehensive knowledge of GNU/Linux systems. This includes experience as a user and to lesser extent administrator. I’ve maintained distributed systems running on cloud infrastructure (Google, AWS) and owned servers.

Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer (NEAR)

June 2021–October 2022
  • Become the top contributor working on the stability and performance of the NEAR node.
  • Reduced storage requirements of archival nodes by over 50% and enabled data migration from SSDs to HDDs, resulting in significant cost savings.
  • Worked on external interfaces such as Coinbase integration.

Technologies: Rust, Python

Core Developer (Hudson River Trading)

March 2019–September 2020
  • Integrated low-latency market data feeds and order entry interfaces with traditional and cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Optimised HRT’s internal libraries, including devising a more robust time-zone API, utilising new C++ features to remove memory allocation and speeding up operations with SIMD instructions.
  • Performed live troubleshooting during trading hours and promoted better ops practices to improve system robustness.

Technologies: C++

Quant Developer, VP (Barclays Capital)

March 2018–January 2019
  • Created a framework for automated verification of algorithms’s behaviour, ensuring compliance with regulations and risk exposure policies.

Technologies: Java, Python

Site Reliability Engineer/Software Engineer (Google)

January 2011–February 2018
  • Worked on myriad of services including a large scale payments processing infrastructure, a service managing and automating changes to state of production systems, a customer support centre, a customer relationship management system, an HR systems tracking teams’ headcount and a various of development and productivity applications.
  • My roles varied from Site Reliability Engineer through Software Engineer to Tech Lead, often involving a mixture of the three.

Technologies: Python, shell scripts, C++, MySQL, App Engine and plethora of internal Google technologies

Linux kernel hacker (Samsung Electronics)

May 2008–December 2010

Technologies: C, shell scripts, C++


Bachelor of Computer Science defended with honours at the Information Technology and Electronics Department.