Double-checked locking pattern

Posted by Michał ‘mina86’ Nazarewicz on 29th of April 2008

Jakiś czas temu w pewnych okolicznościach poruszony został wzorzec double-checked locking singleton, który jak powszechnie wiadomo nie jest do końca poprawny. Wynikła z tego krótka dyskusja, której kompilację pozwolę sobie wkleić poniżej (gdyż nie jest ona ogólnie dostępna, a nie lubię, gdy informacje się marnują).

Posted by Michał ‘mina86’ Nazarewicz on 15th of April 2008

Something for real unix geeks: Script that makes well known ls command work in Irssi the way God intended, ie. displaying nick list (no slash required).

Irssi AI

Posted by Michał ‘mina86’ Nazarewicz on 26th of February 2008

Script implementing advanced AI algorithms answering yes-or-no questions on a channel. It can answer all questions or only those sent to us (that is prefixed with our nick).

MPD now playing for Irssi

Posted by Michał ‘mina86’ Nazarewicz on 26th of February 2008

Simple script writing title of currently played song in MPD. It has a unique feature of automatically replaying to informations send by other users.

bitlbee query auto

Posted by Michał ‘mina86’ Nazarewicz on 20th of February 2008

Interesting patch for bitlbee which allows user to configure bitlbee so that requests may be automatically ignored, rejected or accepted. For instance, one can filter out all questions containing URLs reducing amount of spam. One can also set acceptance of all requests.