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Michał ‘mina86’ Nazarewicz | 25 listopada 2013

“…and this pun with savegames in GTA.” my friend laughed.

“What pun? What savegames?” I asked with a blank stare.

“You know, ‘Jesus saves’.” he explained looking at me like I’m crazy.

“Wait, you could save game in GTA?” I raised my brow in disbelief.

That’s how I found out about savegames in GTA. This was years after I finished the game, twice, completing each city in one go. But as fun as GTA was, it wasn’t the game I spent most time playing. That title goes to Doom 2. To this day, I put it at the top of all FPS games ever.

Why do I mention those old, long forgotten titles? Let’s fast forward a little.


I don’t usually buy games on a tangible medium. Doom 3, however, is one of the few that sits on my shelve. When I played it though, I had this uneasy feeling… Something wasn’t right. Almost as if I didn’t get what I had hoped for. The game was dark, and slow. Encounters with monsters jumping out from the darkness, were separated by journeys through dark corridors. Dim lights showed you the way in the darkness as you slowly progressed in each level, but did not reveal the danger, as that was hidden in dark corners.

I’m not a great writer, so that’s probably why I overused “dark” in the above paragraph. To my defence, so did id Software. In some respects, Doom 3 felt like a technical demo of their shiny rendering engine. The team went overboard with all the new features, and instead of creating a successor of a game I love so much, they’ve created a poor attempt at duplicating System Shock 2 (a game which even with its “outdated” graphics is much more enjoyable and immersive then Doom 3)… or something… I don’t know what exactly to be honest.

Fortunately, there’s also Classic Doom 3. A mod created by Flaming Sheep Software. It is a remake of shareware levels of the original Doom, and it is wonderful. It’s fast paced, with energetic music, no unneeded interruptions, no cut-scenes, and as far as I’m concerned, that’s the game I wanted id Software to make. It’s a pity they didn’t.

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Michał ‘mina86’ Nazarewicz | 25 grudnia 2010

I’ve just finished Braid. Not a very impressive achievement, I admit, but just as I finished the last world (or should I say the first) I immediatelly felt the need to spread the word about this wonderful game. (I do need to apologise at this point for yet another non-technical entry on my blog.)

I probably wouldn’t get myself to writing anything about the game if I hadn’t seen Video Games are Art talk by Kellee Santiego of That Game Company, who, as it turns out, mentions Braid. (Not that I consider the speech to be particularly interesting or well presented — on the contrary, in my opinion it is unstructured with rather poor arguments — but it somehow stuck in my memory.)

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Mass Effect 2, wrażenia

Michał ‘mina86’ Nazarewicz | 11 lutego 2010

Niedawno miałem okazję ukończyć grę, która na IGN uzyskała wynik 9,6/10. Fakt ten zachęcił mnie do stworzenia wpisu, który co prawda pierwotnie nie miał być recenzją Efetku Masy 2, ale tak się o tej produkcji rozpisałem, że weszło, co wyszło…

W zasadzie pewnie sporo z tych opinii można znaleźć gdzieś w otchłaniach Internetu, więc nic odkrywczego nie będzie, ale co tam. Zacznę jednak trochę nieszablonowo, od aspektu, którego próżno szukać w zwykłych recenzjach.

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