TLS is a yes

Posted by Michał ‘mina86’ Nazarewicz on 15th of April 2016

Let’s Encrypt has left beta and to celebrate, this blog gained TLS support. \o/ If all goes well it’ll become the default including an HSTS header so everyone can benefit from improved privacy¹.

If you want to give it a try before it becomes cool, feel free to direct your browser to

If you’re unfamiliar with Let’s Encrypt, it’s a certificate authority which provides free TLS certificates. It uses automated process to verify whether certificate’s requestor controls the domain certificate is for and takes literally seconds to complete.

Its sponsors include Mozilla and Google which means that Let’s Encrypt’s certificate is included in those browsers as well as many other software packages and operating systems.

With nearly zero cost for getting a widely accepted certificate, another obstacle for encrypted web is crumbling. And not a moment too soon since aforementioned Mozilla and Chrome duo plan to ‘deprecate’ plain HTTP.

If you’re running your own server there’s no excuse not to use TLS and if you’re hosting provider doesn’t support it, complain and do it loudly.

¹ Especially paranoid readers surely noticed the site uses third-party widgets but those same readers are expected to know how to install uBlock Origin.