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So I've just finished Braid. Not a very impressive achievement, I admit, but just as I finished the last world (or should I say the first) I immediatelly felt the need to spread the word about this wonderful game. (I do need to apologise at this point for yet another non-technical entry on my blog.)

I probably wouldn't get myself to writing anything about the game if I hadn't seen Video Games are Art talk by Kellee Santiego of That Game Company, who, as it turns out, mentions Braid. (Not that I consider the speech to be particularly interesting or well presented — on the contrary, in my opinion it is unstructured with rather poor arguments — but it somehow stuck in my memory.)

Fixing XML

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Photo of a hammer with smashed electronics in the background.

(photo ItsMe1985)

It has been pointed out to me that my website does not open on some web browsers due to XML error. This undesired state was caused by the   entity that XML does not define by itself. I have noticed this some time ago and thus switched to numeric notation ( ) but the named entity still prevailed in a few places.

Interestingly, I was unable to reproduce the error myself but nonetheless I have seen it happen on my friend's computer so this was a real issue.

I'm writing “was” because I got rid of all occurrences of the   entity so this problem should not affect anyone anymore. Had you been affected by this problem, consider revisiting. :)

I'm also extremely grateful for reporting any problems either via email (mina86 at, jabber (mina86 at or on IRC (mina86 on FreeNode network).

Prime numbers less than 100

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Anyone working in a big corporation must have been hit by some “funny” mail from a coworker that helps everyone gets through the day. No different at my office – at one point all engineers have been challenged to write the shortest code in C that prints all prime numbers (and only prime numbers) less than a hundred each on separate line.

This is an interesting brain-teaser so posting it here so others may choose to think about it while their code's compiling.

Of course, a “C program” needs not to be taken too seriously – depending on not too far fetched undefined behaviours of given implementation is all right (but please do not use system() or exec() family of calls ;) ).

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